About Us


  • To engage and collectively bargain with the local and foreign shipping/manning agents with regard to Sri Lankan seafarers’ pay & conditions and rights under the guidance and support of ITF.
  • To cooperate with the local shipping/manning agents in the area of seafarer social security and welfare.
  • To work with ITF and other global union federation as well as the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) with a view to improving the lot of the seafarer community.
  • To support the national and international efforts at reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry and preventing marine pollution through trade union training & education.
  • Lending solidarity support to industrial action by dockers and fisher workers and if and when concrete circumstances so demand, going for joint industrial action with them.
  • To offer scholarships in cooperation with the maritime training academies to deserving seafarers to help with their career advancement through training & education.
  • To regularly conduct worker education programmes for membership with the support of ILO, ITF, FES, Solidarity Center, Department of Labor and other NGOs and INGOs.
  • To strive to maintain good relations and rapport with Government and the office of the Director of Merchant shipping.
  • To actively seek to have a good rapport going with the International Labor Organization, International Maritime Organization and other multi-lateral organizations etc.
  • To actively support the ITF efforts at eliminating FOCs and substandard shipping that goes with it.
  • To work with the country’s seafarer training institutes in the areas of promoting occupational safety and health including prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote gender parity.