NUSS and IMEC sign collective agreement

  • NUSS and IMEC sign collective agreement

    NUSS and IMEC sign collective agreement

    In a significant milestone for Sri Lankan Seafarers, the National Union of Seafarers Sri Lanka (NUSS) and the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) officially signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on Thursday.

    The historic contract, positions Sri Lanka’s Seafarers on a strong footing, providing them with a competitive advantage when seeking employment with global shipping lines and crew supply agents.

    The signing ceremony was attended by prominent figures in the maritime industry, including NUSS President Boa Athu and Francesco Gargiulo, CEO of IMEC.

    The agreement represents a collaborative effort between the union and the employers’ council to protect the rights and welfare of Sri Lankan Seafarers while ensuring fair and equitable working conditions.

    Also present at the signing ceremony was Palitha Athukorala, ITF Inspector Ranjan Perera representing NUSS along with Simon Spacey (IMEC) and a number of CEOs representing various crew suppliers.

    The CBA encompasses a broad range of provisions, including work hours, wages, health and safety standards, training opportunities, and dispute resolution mechanisms. By establishing these standards, the agreement aims to enhance the overall well-being and professional growth of Sri Lankan Seafarers.

    The CBA is expected to strengthen Sri Lanka’s position in the global shipping industry, as it provides a framework for cooperation between NUSS and IMEC.

    This partnership will enable effective dialogue and collaboration on matters of mutual interest, fostering a harmonious relationship between seafarers and employers.

    The signing of this collective agreement marks a significant step forward for Sri Lankan Seafarers, ensuring their rights are protected and positioning them for success in the international maritime landscape.

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